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BDSM Mistress in Sydney

I am a professional BDSM Mistress and lifestyle FemDom based in Sydney, Australia. Although I was born in the Netherlands I moved my base to Sydney, Australia in 2006 to enjoy the life this wonderful country and the city of Sydney has to offer. I still travel extensively, both privately and to visit clients in their home countries, or on business trips.

As a professional Mistress I adhere at all times to a professional code of conduct that ensures both the pleasure, fun, safety and security of both myself and my client during our game. That may sound common sense but most people realise that there is nothing common about common sense.

As a Lifestyle Fem Domme I can be found regularly in the Sydney BDSM scene, online and off, both as a participant and as a contributor. I conduct workshops, and private training, for groups and individuals, and also provide other (starting) FemDom’s with Mistress Training.

My professional BDSM career started over 10 years ago back in the Netherlands. Initially part time balanced with my career in the medical industry. Later I decided to make the move to work exclusively as a professional Mistress in the Netherlands, and for the last five years I have been at home as a Mistress in Sydney.

News & Updates

The latest news & updates of my life, and things I am doing will always be posted in the blog of my main website. If you would like to know more after reading it all, email or call me.


Phone: +61 (403) 370 446

I can be reached daily on Skype or by phone, 9.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m. (AEST)